The Copy Center has closed

The Copy Center will close permanently December 17, 2021. We thank everyone in the College of Charleston community for letting us serve you.

Campus Services is here to help you transition your professional copying needs to other sources.

Some of your more traditional office-copying needs, like bound presentations, for instance, can be handled by FedEx Office at the corner of Calhoun and St. Philip streets. 

For promotional materials, like flyers, brochures, posters, postcards, etc., you can use a variety of local and online vendors. Contact information can be found below. As with any project using a new vendor, please plan ahead so you get your materials in time. All Procurement policies remain in place for purchasing print and copying services. 

If you find that there are other Copy Center resources you need assistance with after reading below, please email Campus Services and we’ll provide you with additional direction.


Brand Review

University Marketing is responsible for ensuring that marketing and communications materials, whether developed by internal units of the College or by outside vendors, are brand compliant. If you are not sure whether your materials fall within brand standards, please submit your materials to UM for review.

Business Cards

The South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code requires the College of Charleston to purchase goods and services from state term contracts when available. The state currently has a term contract for letterhead sheets, envelopes and business cards. You may access a customized template and contract pricing, and pay with your purchasing card, from Business Card Express.

The template should accommodate most of your requirements. If you have questions regarding the contract, please contact the procurement office. If a department requires something that does not fit the template, please contact University Marketing. If you need to contact customer service at Business Card Express, please call 800.282.5777.

Course Packets

The College of Charleston Bookstore will obtain permission and pay royalties, clean up your originals and indemnify the faculty member. To order, contact the Bookstore Manager at the College Bookstore at 843.953.5858. They will direct you on next steps.

Materials that can be turned into a course packet include:

  • journal articles
  • book chapters
  • out of print books
  • lab manuals
  • public domain information
  • photographs
  • periodical articles
  • newspaper articles
  • original works
  • case studies
  • illustrations
  • cartoons


Local and Online Vendors 

A&E Digital Printing 

517 King St.



FedEx Office Print and Ship Center

73 St. Philip St.



Nelson Printing 

100 Columbus St.




7 Radcliffe St.



Sheriar Press 

3005 Highway 17N Bypass

Myrtle Beach, SC



Online Vendors