Copy Request Procedures

The following are procedures to submit copy requests for faculty and staff via IDT and for students via Cougar Card to the Copy Center. These procedures are to ensure accurate information for the production of each copy request.


An estimate is a price that the Copy Center staff gives based on the information provided. It is not the final price.

To request an estimate, please send an email with a complete description of your copy request to Please refer to a Copy Center Request Form, Cougar Card Request Form, or a Poster Request Form for specific details.


A proof is a single sample of your copy request for color and layout purposes only. The Copy Center is not responsible for errors in grammar, spelling or content. The requestor must ensure that the document is accurate and correct prior to submission for production.

Please submit a copy request and indicate that you need a proof. Proofs follow the same submission guidelines and timeframes as regular copy request submissions.

Departmental Requests

Complete an IDT with the following information:

* Submit the IDT and a Copy Center Request Form or a Poster Request Form to If you do not have an electronic file, submit a physical copy.

* Your copy request will be placed on the production schedule only when the original IDT and Copy Center Request Form or Poster Request Form are in the Copy Center.

* The Copy Center requires a proof of all documents sent electronically.

* All IDTs using a Foundation account are required to have a Foundation signature. Your copy request will not be placed on the production schedule until the original IDT with the Foundation signature is in the Copy Center.

Students/Faculty/Staff - Cougar Card

Complete a Cougar Card Request Form or Poster Request Form with our assistance, if necessary.

Submit the Cougar Card Request Form or Poster Request Form to

Pay for your copy request.

You will be contacted when your job is ready for pick-up via your College of Charleston email address or your telephone number.

* All Cougar Card transactions will be charged prior to completing your Copy Request.


The Copy Center Request Form is for IDT transactions. The Cougar Card Request Form is for Cougar Card transactions. The Poster Request Form is used for both IDT and Cougar Card transactions.